Kesha-Seventeen-Magazine-1-736x1024How does one begin a blog post?  Do I say, “Hey, guys!”, “Hey, y’all!”, or simply, “listen to this or be damned.”  I’m going to go with “Hey, y’all!” considering I just got back from a job conference in New Orleans, Louisiana.  I always find it ironic how boring, work conventions are placed in the most fun places.  Maybe to offset the fact that you’d rather off yourself than be there for eight plus hours smiling at people that you don’t care to meet?

So, let’s begin.  Hey, y’all!  This is my second blog post.  I felt the need to continue this because, one, I got a pretty good amount of traffic from my first one, (Big round of applause for you five extraordinary people) and two, in my short life, I’ve learned that no matter how discouraging a situation may seem, you must keep going.

You may be wondering why the subject of my blog is named, All Children but One Grow Up. If you’re unaware of where this line is from, well I apologize for the childhood that must have slipped by you.  It’s from Peter Pan!  The boy who stays forever young in Neverland, not comprehending reality and the fact that those wonder years must eventually end.  Life would be quite beautiful if we were as naive and clueless as Peter, however, that’s not how life works.  And I’ve recently realized that.  I purchased my first car this month.  Paying the lease month by month, along with insurance, putting aside funds to save up for my first house, expanding my credit card limit, and then crying at night when I no longer have enough money to buy useless items from Nordstrom.  THIS LIFE IS JUST TOO HARD.  How do you all do it?

And although 21 years old is still an age full of blossom and experimenting, it feels as if my years of no worries have seriously vanished behind me.  (Don’t you roll your eyes at me, 35+ year olds)  I’m kind of understanding what you adults go through.

I recently traveled to New Orleans for a four day work conference with my internship which is mind boggling to me.  Let me explain why.

I started there almost a year ago as a social media intern for a healthcare data analytics company.  Funny, right?  Who in healthcare or pharmaceuticals requires someone to maintain social media?  Because who honestly cares about what drugs the FDA approve of, or what new biotech company is on the rise, or what scientific breakthrough some nerds have conjured up in their underground laboratories?  (Now, if it was a spin off Breaking Bad, now we’re talking)  I fooled around on my computer eight hours a day, three days a week, getting paid above minimum wage, to maintain their twitter account and linkedin.  But we all know that no one in their right mind could possibly be on those social media sites for that long.  However, they did!  I thought about leaving, sought another internship, which I got, at Seventeen Magazine as a sales and advertising intern.  But then something happened.

The beauty of a startup company appeared right in front me.  Before I knew it, I was wearing 15 hats, dipping into areas of marketing, sales, branding, social media, communications, public relations, graphic design, project managing the upcoming job conferences, etc.  I suddenly went from their “twitter girl” to a pretty prominent role in all areas listed above.  I work directly under the CEO of the company, a brilliant woman who’s received degrees from Brown, Yale and Harvard.  (Not intimidating at all, right?)  And as the youngest intern in the company, I went on a paid work conference to New Orleans and had an incredible time.

Naturally, I bid adieu to Seventeen Magazine and had to turn down an internship that has been my dream ever since I first picked up that magazine.  I tried my hardest to get into Hearst Magazines, and through a connection, I finally got an interview and landed the position; only to turn it down.  Ain’t it funny how life works?

Sometimes, life presents itself to you in such ways that you couldn’t imagine.  Years ago, if you would have asked me where I’d seen myself a few years down the road, I would have never pictured my life as a New York City intern running around like a chicken with its head cut off, paying bills, commuting, going to school only to come back exhausted at night not because of partying, but because of a tiring day of class and an internship.  Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not this prude college student who can’t funnel a four loko every now then.  (Yes, you can judge me.  No, I don’t remember what happened that night)  But maybe I see things a bit differently than your average college student and maybe that’s why this blog felt necessary.

Who knows where life is about to take me.  All I know is that right now I’m like where I’m at, and I’m happy and fortunate for the many opportunities I’ve been presented with.  I’m not settling, I’m just looking forward to the near future, aka, the next couple of days because that is truly all we can predict.

There’s always more to come!  I’ll see y’all next time.  Excuse me while I have to go decide whether or not I want to pay my first car payment in full right now or pay the minimum to put the rest of the money towards the Chipotle funds that have been sinking my credit card bill.  Like really, why do we pay extra for guacamole?