My mom made me do it!  Or at least it was her suggestion that I start a blog.  (Just lost about 50% of my 10 viewers)  I say that because I actually had no interest in writing a blog about my life as a recently turned 21 year old college student interning at a New York City start-up healthcare data analytics company.  (Just lost about 75% of my now 5 viewers.  Hey, 1.25 viewers!)  I mean, look at all of the desperate tags I had to invent just to get your attention.  ImageI figured you’d much rather follow some awesome, inspirational, gal traipsing through life without a chip on her shoulder fetching lattes and croissants for her Vogue-esque boss.  (Oh God, whoever’s left, please stay)  But here’s the thing: I’m not just a recently turned 21 year old college student interning at a pharmaceutical database company.  I’m you.

Yes, you, with the childish dreams, empty bank account, deepening loans, and frightening thoughts on what to do after graduation.  Remember when we were so excited to grow up and wear professional clothes and by the miraculous grace of God, we were going to somehow end up at the job of our dreams?  How young and naïve we were.  And what’s funny is that we are still so young, yet I feel as if when I graduate college, my life is just on a downward spiral towards adulthood and once I’ve arrived, it’s full of taxes, and mortgages, and diapers and then diapers on yourself.  Here’s an example:  I haven’t read The Great Gatsby since high school, and because those grade school years seem centuries ago, I had to go on spark notes to look up the basic plot line of the book just so I could understand the new movie adaptation.  I’m still debating on whether or not I had hit rock bottom right then and there.

My point is that I feel you.  I’m not here to say, “Hey, look at my awesome life.  I’m perfect, I’m the next Mark Zuckerberg, so listen to every word I say or you’ll be sorry.”  Never.  Why?  Because I’m you and let’s be honest, what do we actually know at this point in our premature lives?  Unfortunately, our impressive keg stands cannot be listed as an extracurricular activity on our resumes.  But our willingness to learn, to try, our curiosity about life, that is what can be.  I’m here because I got tired of talking to myself after a frustrating day at my internship and classes and the hour and a half long commute, and figured there’d be someone willing to listen.  Kidding.  I think I just want to help you all.  Come laugh with me, hear my stories, maybe get inspired and join me in my search to find out what life is all about.

My name is typical college student.  I’m a marketing major with a concentration in Advertising and Promotions, and a Philosophy minor.  Why a philosophy minor?  Well, I love English.  But that glamorous starving artist lifestyle that you see in the movies is actually not real.  Go figure.  Therefore, my brilliant mother convinced me to seek a career in business, particularly marketing because of how dynamic and fun it is, and I listened.  I then landed an internship at an up and coming big data analytics company focusing on the pharmaceutical and biotech industries.  I started there in the summer of 2012.  Here I am, almost a year later with my head held higher and holding an ever changing cast of hats within a rapidly growing company.  (See?  I can be positive at times.)  There’s a lot more, but I’ll keep it short.  Though this first post seemed so long.  I just started, stop whining.  My hope is that somewhere down the line, you and I can figure out the secret to success, happiness, personal growth, etc.  Also known as, if I crash and burn, you’re coming with me!